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Ответы Синергия (Английский язык в сфере юриспруденции)


Тесты Синергия ответы - Английский язык в сфере юриспруденции ответы на тест Синергия. Идентификация - легальные методики, помогающие авторизоваться на megacampus, не влекут негативных последствий. Качество - гарантия 70-100 баллов зачет/экзамен.

Contracts for the sale of goods include …
agreements to sell 
contracts of bailment
contracts for hire of goods 

Private limited companies cannot raise money…
by selling shares
by making loans
by inviting other members

A consent of the principal …
must be given in written form
is to be given by deed
can be verbal, in writing or by deed

The mortgagor may create
only one mortgage over the same property
second and subsequent mortgages over the same property
not more than two mortgages over the same property

Employees are entitled to notice which could be a month …
for senior managers
for other managers
for senior clerical workers

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The secretary of a private company…
must be qualified as a chartered secretary, an accountant or a lawyer 
must have work experience as a company secretary
need not have any personal qualifications

A subsidiary company is owned…
by a holding company
by a partnership
by a sole trader 
английский синергия
Тесты Синергия Английский язык в сфере юриспруденции 

The bankruptcy petition can be presented by…
a magistrate
the trustee
a creditor 

To take part in the management of a registered company, a bankrupt must get…
the trustee’s consent
the court’ consent
the creditors’ consent

A person cannot be a partner if
it is a limited company
he or she is a minor
he or she is an enemy alien

The Monopolies and Mergers Commission consists of...
three members
not less than 10 members
not more than 30 members

Fiduciary duties of employees are implied into a contract of employment
by the common law
by statute
are not implied

A shareholder of a public company can sell his shares freely…
if other shareholders agree
if majority shareholder gives his consent
if the shares are dealt with on the Stock Exchange or the AIM

If a minority shareholder does not agree with the majority…
the majority must agree with him
he must accept the decision of the majority
the court will support him

Leasehold estate which incudes the renewable yearly lease is …
the “term of years”
the “estate by sufferance”
the “estate at will”

Leasehold estate which incudes the renewable yearly lease is ...

A holder of bearer shares becomes a member of the company…
if Articles of the company allow that
according to the decision of the directors of the company

A mortgage is void against a subsequent purchaser
if it is legal without title deed
if it is not registered in the Land Charges Registry
if it is not legal

Directors of a public company can be appointed...
at the age under 70
at the age under 60
at any age

General agents have …
unlimited authority
authority for a specific purpose
authority to act within certain limits

In case of trespass to land the duty is owed …
to the possessor if he is the owner
to the owner
to the possessor even if he is not the owner

In a bankruptcy the estate of an insolvent person passes…
into the control of a trustee
into the control of the creditors
into the control of the bankruptcy court

A shareholder has the right...
to sell the assets of the company
to give instructions to the directors of the company
to receive a proportion of the profits of the company

A subsidiary company is owned...
by a partnership
by a sole trader
by a holding company

The East India Company was created...
by Royal Charter
under Companies Act
by special Act of Parliament

The highest court of appeal in Britain is...
Civil Court of Appeal
House of Lords
Criminal Court of Appeal

Public limited companies can have…
two directors
no directors
one director

Agency of necessity can arise on condition that …
there is some emergency
the person charged with responsibility can get instructions from the owner of the property
there are no pre-existing contracts giving the agent responsibility for the property of another

The bankruptcy order is published in...
the Business Week
the London Gazette
the Financial Times

The bankruptcy petition can be presented by...
a creditor
the trustee
a magistrate

A company which develops a new product, protects this invention
by an insurance policy
by a share certificate
by a patent

The capital clause of the Memorandum states...
the authorized Capital
the capital assets
the actual capital raised

Ratification of the contract can be possible if
it takes place after the time fixed for the performance of the contract
it concerns a part of the contract
the contract is not void or a forgery

Things which are capable of physical possession are uncluded into …
intangible property
incorporeal property
tangible property

The loan agreement provides for repayment of loan plus interest …
exactly by the legal date of redemption
at any time subject to no restrictions
at any time subject to reasonable restrictions

A mortgage can be set aside
if the presumption of undue influence has been rebutted in the Court
can never be set aside
if it has been obtained by undue influence

The rights of inheritance are unrestricted in case of 
fee tail estate
life estate
fee simple estate

Dismissal of an employee is considered fair if the reason is …
that the employee is a member of an independent trade union

If a partner secretly carries on a competing business, he…
must sell that business
must pay to the firm all profits made by him in that business
will be expelled

Fiduciary duties are owed …
by buyers to sellers
by sales clerks to the customers
by employees to their employers

The major source of the English law which takes precedence over the others is…

European Community law
case law

The employer must provide written statement of the following terms
pension rights
provision of safe tools and equipment
maternity rights

Trading in a name similar to that of another similar business affects
economic rights
general rights

According to the contract, the goods must be transferred…
for securities
for other goods
for money

Legal rights attach to...
corporations only
natural persons only
natural and artificial persons

If the principal refuses to ratify the transaction...
no one will be liable for damages
the agent will be liable for damages
the principal will be liable for damages

Choses capable of negotiation are classified as negotiable instruments and include…
postal orders
bills of lading
bills of exchange

The term 'goods" includes all "chattels personal" that are…

To control rogue dealers, the DG may bring proceedings...
in the Restrictive Practices Court
in the Crown Court
in the High Court

Sole trader...
has limited liability
shares losses with the people he employs
is liable for all his debts

The Register of the Company must be kept...
in the office of the CEO
in the residence of the majority shareholder
at the registered office

Companies limited by shares are usually set up for…
charitable purposes
trading purposes
educational purposes

A director of a public company can be disqualified…
by the court
by the annual meeting of shareholder
by a majority shareholder

A separate legal person is created in setting up business as…
a partnership
a registered company
a sole trader

Partnership can be set up between persons carrying on a business…
for any purpose
for charitable purpose
only for receiving profits

The transfer of property to the buyer is the main purpose …
of the contract for the sale of goods
of the contract for labor and materials
of the contract for service

Carrying on an offensive trade,  obstructing  the highway is…
trespass to land
public nuisance
private nuisance

An employer must make a redundancy payment to an employee who has been employed
for a year
for a month
for two years

A statement of law is binding for future similar disputes if...
is made by the way
if forms the basis of the decision
it is based on a hypothesis

Preference shareholders have the right
to receive surplus assets
to receive a fixed dividend prior to ordinary shareholders
to receive an unlimited dividend

To take part in the management of a registered company, a bankrupt must get...
the creditors' consent
the trustee's consent
the court' consent

The following products are excluded from liability under the Consumer Protection Act: 
unprocessed game 

Negligence is an actionable wrong affecting … 
the person 
general rights 

Allowing water to escape from reservoirs is a tort affecting … 
economic rights 
general rights 
The Department of Trade and Industry may appoint inspectors… 
on the application of 100 shareholders 
on the application of 1 shareholder 
on the application of members holding not less than one tenth of the shares. 

Supervising trading practices is one of the main duties of… 
the Director General of Fair Trading 
the Monopolies and Mergers Commission 
the Consumer Protection Advisory Committee 

the power of order that a merger shall not go ahead lies with
the Secretary of State
the Monopolies and Mergers Commission 
the Director General of Fair Trading

A bankrupt must disclose his status if he wants to obtain
a credit of 250 pounds or more 
a credit of more than 50 pounds sterling
a credit

a statement of law is binding for future similar disputes if
when the land is owned by a company
there must be registration of both legal or equitable mortgages

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